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Paranoid Android 4.4 als finale Version erschienen



Die Jungs von Paranoid Android sind endlich mit der Entwicklung ihrer aktuellsten Verison fertig geworden und haben diese jetzt als finale Verison veröffentlicht. Natürlich basiert diese Version jetzt schon auf Android 4.4.4 und ist damit absolut auf dem aktuellsten Stand. Gearbeitet haben die Entwickler nochmals an absolut allen Stellen, egal ob Pie, Peek, Hover, Theme Engine, Status Bar, Paranoid OTA und so weiter.

Ihr findet wie immer alle Downloads direkt bei den Jungs in der Cloud, dort gibt es auch die GApps.

What does 4.4 Final mean?
Current featured branch reached final stable state. Doesn’t mean at all that development has stopped :) You can just flash this, and feel safe.

Android 4.4.4 upstream tag has been merged into our source.

The Volume Panel has been re-designed as you can see in the image below to be inline with hover, be less intrusive and more beautiful.

Hover UI/UX has been reworked a bit for tablet users: Hover will not take the whole screen width, but it will respect notification size. Also status bar isn’t hidden when hover shows and you can pull it down when you want, as you touch status bar Hover will be dismissed to not overload on top of status bar expanded state. Another awesome thing is that un-dismissible notifications cases like screenshots etc have been solved (yea is true). Last but not least the marriage with ticker view has been reworked, when hover is enabled and you receive notifications from foreground app they will not be shown in Hover but in ticker.

Fixed a couple of issues regarding repositioning. Also, Pie now follows same behavior of navigation bar on phone when in landscape, sticks at right. Last but not least Pie is now themeable by external xml resources, by Theme Engine.

As for Peek App our Native Peek got some love on sensors side. They should work better now. You can find latest Peek App with advanced features on Play Store, check link below.

Merged upstream changes and added style support to Dialer app, IME switcher alert dialog and many more.

Added colorizing support for all components for both circle and stock look. Themers can play with everything now :)

Hopefully fixed rare blank screen and always show translucent decors.

Updated system API to let it delete folders.

Fixed some FCs.

Imported new crowdin translations.

Fixed various bugs as rare softboots and cleanups.

(via PA Blog)

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  1. Jones

    25. Juni 2014 at 11:08

    Manchmal wünsche ich mir, dass CM etwas schneller eine „Stable“ Version rausbringt. Am besten wäre eine pure Android Version für jedes Gerät und anschließend eine Art Featurepackage, in dem alle CM typischen Extras entwickelt werden. So könnt man bereits kurz nach der Veröffentlichung einer neuen Android-Version sein Gerät updaten.

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